Time Flies

When you are back to work.  The downfall to being away for even a week, you spend another week catching up.  I enjoyed being home to see the kids off for school and then when they get back at the end of the day.  Having hours to try new recipes or finally getting the projects finished (like finally cleaning out “that” closet).  No, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon but it sure was nice for that week 🙂

So I spent two entire days cleaning out our spare room/craft area/office, trying to organize my “stuff”.  It is amazing the stuff I have accumulated over the many years of scrapbooking and cardmaking.  Anyhow, I am now going to start on my newest hobby:  sewing stuff.  Yep, I have booked some one-on-one time (an hour) at our local sewing centre and will be learning the basics about my sewing machine.  I have also signed up for their 5 week Sewing Basics class where I will learn how to sew with my machine.  I have decided to start making Evan some of his own bandana bibs.  He is too old to be wearing baby bibs and my sister, Karen, bought him two cute bibs that he wears every day.  Instead of buying them online I would rather make my own!  So I have purchased the material and now I am just waiting for class to start 🙂  Once I get the hang of it I may graduate to making my own place-mats and tote bags.   Here is an example of the type of bibs I will be trying to make.  Wish me luck!!  If you have any sewing hints, tips or whatever, please comment or contact me otherwise.


I also found some time to make this card for my niece, Cameron.  She is the sweetest thing and I think this card suits her perfectly.  I don’t have any girls so I get a real kick out of making girly cards.  This one worked perfectly with this weeks challenge at LOTV Thursday blog challenge, gems/flowers/lace.


Ryan is doing very well with his egg challenges.  We did three days of hard boiled egg yolk, followed by three days of egg white and today he had French Toast.  If things continue like this I think it is safe to say he is no longer allergic to eggs.  He is pretty happy about it and looks forward to the next birthday party where he can actually eat the cake.  As for me, I still haven’t started on the budget, but I did print off the directions from Gail’s site.  By the time our next paycheques are in the bank we will be living off cash in jars 🙂



Bread making

Yesterday I stopped by the Bulk Barn and picked up a few different kinds of flour, I’d like to try them out in baking and maybe even some bread.  I picked up a pretty good variety, some were even organic:  Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Spelt, Kamut, Quinoa, Coconut and Red Fife.  Seeing as I am home this week I decided to take the opportunity to try a bunch of recipes and get some meals made (and frozen), including maybe some desserts and some bread.

So I figured I would Google “Red Fife Bread recipes” and go from there.  I found a recipe and decided to try it out.  Now there is something you need to know:  I love fresh baked bread and I do own a bread machine – but I don’t like bread machine bread.  I also have no urge to become a bread connoisseur, I really don’t have the will or the time.  I have seen blogs where they weigh every gram that goes into a loaf and talk about rising, proofing, poolishing etc… this is not me.  I want to throw some ingredient into my bread maker, press “dough” and then put it in the oven.  If great tasting bread comes out – AWESOME!  Yes, I want my cake and to eat it too.

So, I follow the recipe and throw everything into the bread maker, choose 2lb loaf and pressed “whole grain”.  Hindsight being what it is, that is precisely where I went wrong.  I should have pressed “dough”.  Needless to say, my Red Fife bread did not go as planned.  During a telephone conversation with a dear friend of mine, I smell smoke.  I turn towards the scent and it appears like my bread maker is about to spontaneously combust; smoke is pouring out of the lid.  I am really concerned that my smoke alarm may go off.  Why I would worry about that, I’m not sure, but there it is.  Anyhow, the phone is quickly hung up and I rush out to the front porch with my smoking bread machine.

Problem:  the bread machine tried to bake the bread.  There was simply too much dough (and very wet at that) and it poured over the sides of the bowl and onto the element = burning, wet dough.

I ended up pouring the remaining dough into a bowl, adding flour and reworking it as best I could.  I was able to split the dough into two loaves and put them in the oven to rise.

The bread turned out pretty good, but definitely need to work on it  😉  It was a bit heavier a bread than I like but overall was quite tasty with a nutty flavour.  I think that next time if I work the bread properly it will be somewhat lighter, worth buying again I think.

Well, here I am….

A new blog. What was I thinking?  Well, I am slowly starting to make changes in my life that I hope are a step in a better direction.  I figured that blogging, whether it be regularly or haphazardly, might be something that I can do to share the daily grind with family and friends but also as a way of keeping on track (maybe) and sharing some common goals with others.  I am going to try and start budgeting which will be a feat in itself but I am also going to try and get our family on track with healthier eating which includes making better choices when it comes to the kinds of foods we buy.  I am no saint, this will definitely be a work in progress 😉  I like crafts like scrapbooking and card-making so I’ll be sharing some of that as well, and I will be taking a sewing class so we’ll see where that leads.

So here’s the first picture to be posted. These are the first herbs in my new indoor “herb garden”.  There is some Thyme, Rosemary and Basil.  Wonder how long before I kill them…… seriously, I have had no luck with herbs.  Sorry about the fuzzy picture, taking a top-notch photo was low in my priority list today.