‘Tis the Season

I was a little surprised that I haven’t updated the blog since Halloween, on the other hand, we have been really busy both at work and home so time has flown by.  Mark and I are finally on our holidays although it hardly feels like it.  The kids were still in school this week and we were busy getting things done around the house, had a doctors appointment in Ottawa with Evan, and then yesterday we drove from our place to my mom’s.  The trip would normally take about 3.5 hours but yesterday it took us an additional 2 hours.  We had a couple of unscheduled stops which then landed us in Ottawa right at rush hour.  By the time we arrived we were tired and cranky.

In November I started taking a sewing class.  So far it has been great, I have worked on some small projects and learning some of the basics.  I am working on a very simple quilt and the only thing left for me to learn (before finishing it) is how to do the binding.  At the shop where I am taking my classes they have a machine that will quilt a pattern so I am hoping to “rent” that sucker because I don’t think my machine is up to the job.  Once that is done I will take a picture.  If all goes well I plan on making a couple of quilts for the boys’ beds.  I would like to continue the classes into January, there are a few projects I would like to try like tote bags, lounge pants, etc….  I did try some placemats, here is the finished product.  I didn’t have a ruler or rotary cutter at home so it’s slightly off but still turned out quite well I think.

The other day, Ryan and I made a gingerbread house.   This was the first time I have ever bought the kit.  Actually, it is the first time I have every “made” a house.  I hated it.  They’re disgusting.  But….. Ryan has been asking to do one since the beginning of the season.  And I think he asked last year too.  So, I picked one up and we decorated it which was sorta fun but we will NOT be doing it again next year.  It’s so totally fake and just a money grab.  I would much rather bake fresh gingerbread men and let Ryan  ice and decorate them.  He is only in it for the candy anyhow.

And finally, here is our tree.  We decorated last weekend and Ryan hopes that Santa will leave some gifts under it for him 😉  When we go to my mothers, Ryan understands that the gifts there are exchanged between family members and that Santa will only leave gifts under his own tree.  Hopefully I can get a few good pictures before that chaos begins…

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.  I know we have a lot of plans for 2012!



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