Time to Budget

Buying a new house is no cheaper than renovating an older one, at least in my opinion.  So many things we had to do once we moved in:  build a rear deck with wheelchair ramp, eaves-troughs, pave the driveway, front porch – the list goes on.  Anyhow, I would really like to pay off all the debt we have sitting on our line of credit so I have decided to try and tighten our belts a little, follow a budget and join Carla’s budget challenge here.  She also has a February de-cluttering challenge that I could certainly use too, so double the fun I guess….

I have to start by calling and trying to negotiate better rates for our TV, internet and phone.  I also want to try calling the bank and seeing about lowering the interest rate on our line of credit.  We have had it for years and the bank loves to increase our limit but they have yet to decrease the interest rate – go figure.  None of these changes will happen overnight so I guess my big goal for February is to get our budget started, make some changes that will save us money and start using the jar system (cash only, no debit/credit).  As far as de-cluttering goes, I did a lot of that over the holidays but there is always rooms to purge a bit more and between Mark and I we have tons of military kit so I plan on going through several rubbermaid containers and getting that sorted out.  Mark has been promising to get some bookshelves built so that I can unpack the rest of my books, I’ll start bugging him about that too.

I have still been practicing sewing and with a lot of help, managed to make Ryan a set of fleece pajama pants.  I also tried out some oversized coasters and plan on making some rug mugs and trivets.  I have a few patterns I bought on sale at Fabricland so I hope to make a tote bag, a set of curtains for our dining room and a utility bag for Evan’s wheelchair.


These oversized coasters were made using fabric from the MODA – Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket.  I bought the charm packs here.   I think I may try a simple table runner for our living room next, will post again when it’s done.




One Response to Time to Budget

  1. Carla says:

    I’ve been thinking about you lots!!! 🙂 I miss you! I know you love the sappy stuff, so I’ll keep it to a minimum… 😛 lol!

    It looks like you’re doing great with your sewing! LOVE the fabric but I’m not following the link because I’m on a self-imposed fabric shopping ban!! lol! Stop enabling!! 😉

    Glad you’re posting again!! Good luck with the budget! Did you see Gail’s new $4.99 budget worksheet pkg?! I haven’t bought it (yet) but they sound good!! Let me know if you want the link.. 🙂

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