Apparently I am a slacker…..

Yes, not posting as often as I should.  guilty 😉

Thanks for pointing that out, Carla…..

So I guess I’ll start with what I accomplished since my last post:

1.  Budget:  Although I have been more conscious of my spending, I haven’t done the actual budget (yet).  That will be my priority for the weekend.

2.  Money Savers: I did go ahead and make the changes to my Cogeco account so that will be a savings of $80/month.  I called about our line of credit through CIBC and they are willing to drop our current interest rate (andf change us to a “secured” line of credit) from prime +3.25% to prime+ 1% but the kicker is that you have to maintain a 30k balance for 4 month and only pay off the interest and they would waive the $499.00 administration fee.  It doesn’t feel like they are actually waiving anything….  I also called MCAP, who we have our mortgage with, and they offered prime+0.5% BUT there are one-time admin and legal fees that would cost us approximately $1200 (give or take a hundred).  Soooo, I am still searching, in the meanwhile I will concentrate on getting that sucker paid down.

3.  Decluttering challenge:  I did A LOT better on this one!  I went through all my paperwork and sent Mark to work with a box of papers to shred.  I apparently am quite the paper hoarder, I had credit card bills, utility bills and bank statements dating back to 2002!  So all my papers are organized in a bankers box with a separate box each for Ryan and Evan (to keep their special papers and stuff).  I also managed to get a few items listed on Kijiji and sold a couple already.

4.  Random Act of Kindness:  I did drop off the non-perishables into the food bank basket at a local grocery store.  I also dropped off a bag of items to Value Village.

5.  Menu Planning:  I started a binder with some of our favourite recipes and threw out a huge pile of recipes that I had ripped out of magazines and never actually tried.  I didn’t actually get around to getting a menu planned but Mark and I have been discussing meals in advance so that at least we have a plan in place.  I think this weekend I may actually try to plan for the week and see how that pans out….

I had to stop by Toyota because there was a recall on the spare tire holder.  They fixed that for me and I had them look at my door because it makes a weird clicking/clunking noise when I open it.  Bottom line, to fix it will require a part, a body shop and about $350.  Ugh.

And that’s been my week so far.


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