End of March Update

April is just about here and still so much to do!  I need to fill out my financial worksheet and get my budget back in order.  Gas prices just went up *again* and the local price is $1.38/L – that sucks.  I may consider biking to work this summer, we’ll have to see how that would fit into the schedule.

Mark and I went to see a movie Tuesday night called “Hunger Games“.  I had never heard of it before but the trailer looked really interesting so we went to watch it.  I was chatting with a 13 year old kid at the theater and he told me that it’s a book series (trilogy), looks like we might see a sequel in the future….. I would recommend this movie, reminded me a lot of the Running Man.

Last week I bought a pig.  Well, actually, just half of one.  There is a small farm about 35 minutes from here and it is all natural, pastured raised meat.  They sell pork, lamb, chicken and eggs.  Anyhow, I am in heaven, I have 2 shelves of my freezer dedicated to this all-natural pork.  There is another farm not too far from where we live that raises and sells all-natural beef so I am going to go pick up a few cuts to try this week and perhaps I will buy a blended-quarter.

Last weekend Mark built Ryan a bunch of birdhouses and then we sat and painted them.  We already mounted a bunch of (plain) birdhouses a couple of weeks ago and now we have some more to place around the property.  We get a lot of chickadees, nuthatches, finches, bluejays and woodpeckers around here so hopefully somebody will move in.

And finally, my friend Carla is having a giveaway on her blog, you can get there HERE.  You could win this fun little wallet!  I love Carla’s blog, she always has something interesting to talk about and keeps me motivated with regards to saving money and working on a budget.

And finally, I did register for the 5th Annual Army Run.  I will (attempt) to do the 1/2 marathon (21 km).  I have started to “run” a few days a week but I still feel slow and ungainly.  I think that by eating better and exercising more I should drop a few pounds which hopefully will help with this whole running thing…..  Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted.

Anyhow, that’s all I can think of to write (for now)  I will try to update again this coming week.



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