C’mon Spring!

I am totally ready for the weather to perk up (and warm up!). I finally started on some of the landscaping for the front of our house, and just a little more to go. I picked up a couple of cedar hedges and bushes at WalMart and now I just need to get the border edging and it’s complete, for now. I eventually want to add some flowers for colour but until the risk of frost is behind us, I am not planting anything that could die.

I also want to do a little rock garden around the cluster of trees we have out front (which will save me trying to mow around them) and will provide a sunny spot for my rose bushes and a few more bushes I will pick up at WalMart this week. Since there is a very good chance we are going to be moving again next year, I want to make sure our landscaping is well established – curb appeal is so important, especially around here where it will make our house stand out.

I haven’t had a chance to sew anything at all yet BUT I have a plan.  I am going to print off a few patterns/instructions at work this week and then this weekend I will try and get a project completed.  Hopefully I will have something to show off this weekend.

Mark your calendars:  Mark and I will both be heading into the field next week for 10 days in Meaford.  I am going to try and remember to bring my camera so that I can take a few pictures and “share” the experience.

Carla is having a blog give-away (hers are the best!!), if you are interested you can find more info HERE or click on the picture in the sidebar.

Carla’s Sunday Night Chit-chat has turned into my “Monday Night” chat….

Evan and Oma during her visit (21 Apr 12)

What are you…


I just finished “The Magician’s Guild” by Trudi Canavan and I am waiting for the library to get me the next two in the series.  I put a hold through our local library but the books were “missing” so I have to wait for an inter-library loan.   Luckily, I found some books to buy at the library for 50 cents apiece (score!).  So I will be starting “Innocent Mage” by Karen Miller soon.


The Voice:  Tonight is the vote for the “Final 4” so I may watch that, although I prefer to just PVR it and fast forward through the crap parts LOL.

Listening to?

Mark is watching “Scared Straight” because there is, quote,  “nothing else on”…. I may have to go in there and change the channel.  I did recently download “Payphone” by Maroon5 through iTunes.


Spaghetti & Meatballs!

Happy you accomplished this week?

Got the cedar hedges planted 🙂

Looking forward to next week? 

Mark and I are going into the field for a military exercise, guess I will cross my fingers and look forward to good weather 😉

Thankful for today?

Our nanny.  Evan has been sick and it sure does take the stress off knowing that he will be well taken care of while we work.



One Response to C’mon Spring!

  1. Carla says:

    Evan is getting so big! He looks so much older now! Love the photo of your mom & him. 🙂 You’re in for a treat at work huh? Can’t wait for pics!! lol!

    I see you’re cooking exactly the same as me… 😉 😛

    Ok, go sew something! I wanna see it!! lol!

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