Our holidays in Newfoundland are almost over.  Ryan is heartbroken, he has so much fun playing outside, especially down by the river, taking Uncle Rick for long walks.  Last night I had my very first Jig’s Dinner:  Salt Beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, carrots/turnips, gravy and a turkey with dressing.  From what I understand the turkey is not necessarily part of a traditional Jig’s Dinner, but either way, there were not many leftovers!   There was also some rum involved but that was optional 😉

Took Evan for a stroll today and snapped a few pictures.  He tends to look down a lot so without someone else to get him to raise his head it’s hard to get a straight-on shot.  Here is one of my favourites, taken right in front of some freshly baled hay.

I decided to play along with Carla’s “Sunday Night Chit Chat”.  Here are her questions:

What are you….

Reading? I just finished a fluffy romance I bought on Kindle (From this Moment by Bella Andre).  Sometimes you just need an easy read… going to look for a good dystopian fiction novel to read next.

Watching? Everyone is watching Swamp People right now, waiting for it to get dark.  We had bought some fireworks so the plan is to set them all off tonight.

Listening to? Swamp people in the background.

Baking/Cooking? Not much today, we did leftovers and easy stuff on the BBQ.

Happy that you accomplished this week? I am on vacation 🙂  But I did get some laundry done and hung on the line.

Looking forward to next week? Next week is my final week of holidays before I start pre-deployment training in Valcartier.  I have plans to get all my stuff organized and packed.  Also, I want to start going through my closets and do some purging,  pack up some hobby stuff that I won’t be using and get things organized for Mark so that he is not completely lost without me LOL….



Max Relax

The last few days have been really nice.  No schedule.  Have taken several walks through the countryside, Mark showed me the pastures where they use to keep the cattle.  Downside:  I have been bitten by both mosquitoes and horseflies, and I have a touch of hay-fever.  The land here is beautiful and the pace is much slower than what I am accustomed to.

Here are a couple of  pictures from the walk today.  Have to charge the camera and take some more later.

Playing with rocks by the Grand Codroy River

In the pasture (between front of the house and river)

No plans for the next few days other then heading into Port-aux-Basques to pick up some building supplies and a hitch for our van.  Mark is going to build a new garbage box for the end of the driveway.  I need to look for shoes for Evan, the ones he currently has are getting a bit snug.

May need to find a book store too, stupid me forgot to bring any reading material!!!


Codroy Valley

We arrived in Newfoundland yesterday morning.  The day was a write-off for me.  I found out that evening, during the ferry crossing, that I get seasick.  Maybe the grey skies and rain played a part but I felt nauseated and completely at odds.  It rained most of the day but towards suppertime the sun came out and Mark and I had a chance to go for a short walk before the rain started again.

Today has been another lazy day, enjoyed hanging about with nothing on the schedule.  Ryan played in the back with his kite, and is now at Bingo with Nanny.

The house

View from the road by (the end of the driveway)



I know it’s been *forever* since I posted, life has been keeping me busy!   In May I was preparing for, and then away on, Exercise Spartan Bear II in Meaford, Ontario.  Here is a picture of our group during a water crossing with the Combat Engineers (2 CER).

Once I got back to work I had to get my paperwork started as I will be deploying on the next rotation to Afghanistan and I also had to prepare to attend a 3-week leadership course in St-Jean, Quebec.  The thing is, as part of the pre-deployment training, I have to use all my vacation time,  less 5 days.   I have to be in CFB Valcartier (Quebec) on August 5th, so I will be using all my available vacation time this month.  Mark, the kids and I are currently en route to Newfoundland.  We drove all day and are getting a good night’s rest (I hope!!) at the Best Western in Fredericton. Ryan was pretty excited to be staying in a hotel…


Tomorrow we are heading to North Sydney, NS to catch the Ferry to Newfoundland.  We are looking forward to spending some time with family and RELAXING!  I will be posting pictures throughout, stay tuned 🙂

In other news, Carla has several giveaways on her blog – definitely worth looking into.  I am particularly interested in the Magic Marigold one (HERE)since I am always looking for a better cream.  My hands are always sooooo dry and cracked, hard to find a good product that isn’t greasy.

Anyhow, it’s already 10:30 pm (local) and I should start getting ready for bed.  I will post again soon *promise*