August Update

A month has passed so quickly!  Once we got back home from Newfoundland I spent a week trying to get things at the house organized, it’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years.  When Mark and I were in Shilo we had a small 900 sq ft PMQ and two young babies and we were happy as hell.  Now we are sprawled out in a house twice that size!  We have too much crap 🙂  Anyhow, Mark has been selling some stuff on Kijiji and I have made numerous donation to Value Village.  Then I spent another week at work, or mostly at work, getting ready to leave for CFB Valcartier.

Speaking of Valcartier, I’ll get some pictures of the base and post them here when I remember to take my camera with me.  Training has been steady but there has been a fair amount of time off (read:  lots of time off).  I have been doing a lot of “running” although I am slow as hell.  Hopefully, if my will power holds out, I’ll be able to lose a few pounds.  I am going to be in Valcartier until the end of September although I am heading home again for the Labour Day weekend.

We are getting a dog!  I went home this past weekend because Mark found a dog that he and Ryan fell in love with.  We drove to Ottawa and visited and decided then and there that we had to have her.  She is an18-month old  Australian Shepherd and her name is Gala.  We are very happy to be getting a dog that needs a good home (she has had a few families already) and no worrying about training and dealing with a puppy.  Mark is planning on picking her up in a couple of weeks which should give him time to get things ready at the house, and I can ensure we have all the stuff we need (bowls, leashes, brushes, toys, etc…).  Ryan is so excited he can barely wait.  I think this dog will be a great addition to the family and she is absolutely going to love visits to Newfoundland!


One Response to August Update

  1. Carla says:

    It seems like when you have kids you always need to “clear the crap”! LoL! LOVE your soon to be new dog!! She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I’m sure the boys will love her to bits!! 🙂 Good luck with the running, keep on going, it’ll be worth it!!

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