Labour Day Weekend

It has been a great weekend so far!!  Drove home on Thursday and on Friday, once Mark got home from work, we drove into Ottawa to pick up Gala.  Ryan has been so excited and was outside playing with her at 6:30 Saturday morning.  The weekend weather has been gorgeous and we have taken full advantage of it.  Today we took a walk to the Petawawa dog park, and strolled around the neighborhood for about 2.5 hours.  Everyone was pretty tired and so we relaxed on the deck in the afternoon.  Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Gala in our backyard

Ryan and Gala playing in the backyard, love the look on Ryan’s face….

Gala in the pool, she loves it.

Some quiet time with Evan.

Can’t believe the weekend has passed so quickly and I will be back to Valcartier tomorrow.  Luckily only a few weeks left.  On the bright side, I have been reading a lot!

I decided to participate in Carla’s Sunday night chit-chat, you are supposed to start off with a favourite picture.  I chose this one that was taken with my iPhone.  When I was in Brossard, Quebec, we stopped for lunch at a micro-brewery restaurant called Les Trois Brasseurs.  I ordered the “Maxi Poutine”, the fries were deep fried using beer.  MMMMmmmm.  Bad for your waistline though….


I downloaded a book called Amber Frost off of the Ontario Library Services website.  I love that with my library card number and pin code I can download available library books.  I have about 10 on hold (the max) and another 10 or so on my wish list.  So much better then spending money on books you may or may not like.  I download them to my phone but I believe you can download them to Kindle/Kobo and iPad.


No plans.  May watch “Storage Wars” that are recorded or the movie “Contagion” that Mark hasn’t seen yet.

Listening to?

Right now Ryan and Evan are watching Scooby Doo.


We made homemade mini pizzas for supper.  I would like to bake some muffins tonight and maybe get a soup started.  All depends on how long we can maintain energy, everyone is pretty tired today 🙂

Happy you accomplished this week?

Picked up the dog and got her settled in.

Looking forward to next week?

It’s my mom’s birthday next week, hoping to drive to Laval and hang out with her a bit.  Also looking forward to seeing my younger sister and her kids.

Do you collect anything? Purple elephants? Unicorns? Etc… 😉

Not really.  Got a decent collection of stamps for card making though.


2 Responses to Labour Day Weekend

  1. Carla says:

    Gala is gorgeous!!! Looks like she’s a great fit for your boys!! The pics are wonderful! 🙂 Mmm…. What I wouldn’t do for a plate of that poutine!! Yum! Have a good time with your mom! Hope she has a great birthday!

  2. Gala has beautiful eyes! And your yard is huge!

    Downloading books from a library? I’m behind in technology..gotta see if my library does this too!

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