Cowtown Run

So, every year in Fort Worth, Texas, there is an event called the Cowtown Marathon.  Since there are so many Texans in Camp Phoenix (I suppose), some Americans organized a shadow run (5K) here in camp.  It was held on February 23rd, which turned out to be a pretty nice day.  We are getting spring-like weather here and so lots of rain.  We still did run through the mud but overall was pretty fun and although I didn’t come in first (no chance of that happening LOL), I didn’t come in last either.  For some reason I can’t upload my picture to photobucket, so if you want to see pictures, click the link (HERE) and it will take you to the Op Attention facebook page with the picture(s).

Some pictures that I was able to upload were the ones of my favourite three puppies.  I am hoping to get another dog so I went back to the breeder where we got Gala.  Her dog Dharma, had a litter of 8 puppies about 2 weeks ago.  They are all cute as heck but I do have my favourites.  Of course, it is based purely on looks and so my choices will probably change as they develop personalities.  And then I have to consider Mark and Ryan as well, hoping to find a pup we all can agree on.

The pups in this litter were named after Greek god/goddesses/mythical figures.  These names are just used to identify them, because honestly, who wants to refer to the pups as “blue merle male #1”?  ugh.  So, without further ado, my puppy choices:

Atlas (blue merle male)

Talos (red tri male)

Themis (Black tri male)

Aren’t they adorable??  I am such a sucker for the puppies, if I had the room I would probably want a whole pack of them.




I know that not everyday will I have something interesting to talk about so I figured, at the very least, I would post a picture and talk about it.  At the very least, family and friends would get to experience a bit of this country with me.  So, without further ado, here is my first picture:

Legoland first floor

There are a lot of different buildings and quarters on this camp.  Where I live it is called legoland because from the road it looks like a bunch of lego blocks stacked together.  As you can see there is a wooden “boardwalk” the runs all the way through the halls and around the perimeter.  The second floor looks just like the first except they don’t have a “roof”.  The thing is, not only is the main floor very creepy (especially when the lights go out and it’s pitch black), but when it rains or snows, everything from the second floor boardwalk melts and drips on your head.  Ew.  Each of these rooms opens to the outdoors which means a trip to the toilet includes putting on clothes and a pair of shoes.

That’s all I’ve got for today 🙂

Greetings from Kabul

I wasn’t going to do any blog posts while I was away but I joined Carla’s swap and it was a requirement 🙂  I guess, if anything, I can keep people up to date on what’s happening here with me.

First off, I would like to say that it is not hotter than Hades here.  I got here in October and by November it was cold.  By December it was snowing.  Just sayin’….  Right now it is starting to warm up but it still freezes at night.  Must admit, not envious of the weather everyone is experiencing on Ontario and Quebec right now 😉

One of the more exciting things happening right now is that I am hoping to get a puppy.  we love Gala so much that I have been bugging Mark to get her a friend.  we decided to go back to the breeder where we got Gala, Extreme Aussies, and Dharma is about to explode (seriously, she’s huge LOL)

This is a picture of her, isn’t she pretty?

That’s all I am going to write for today.  I am tired and I have to save something for next time.  Believe it or not, my job is not too exciting.  I will try to show you a bit of Afghanistan though.

Good night.