The Faces of Kabul

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but looks like things will slow down for me in the next couple of days. There is another run tomorrow, this time a 15k at 6:00 in the morning and then the 5k at 9:00.  I would love to try the 15k, I have never “run” that far but not sure I can drag my ass out of bed at 5:30, so I might have to be happy with the 5k – we’ll see 🙂

Recently went into the city and snapped a few pictures along the way.  This is one that I wanted to post because even Kabul has beggars but not quite the same as we see in North America.  Often people will beg in the streets with traffic zipping by on either side of them.  Some of the saddest to see are the mothers with their children.  Actually, I don’t know whether to be sad or angry sometimes.  The traffic can pass by quite quickly and it would be so easy to have one or all of them hit and killed.  Luckily this street was not as busy.


One Response to The Faces of Kabul

  1. ~Carla~ says:

    Heart breaking… such a great photo though. Really makes you “see” what’s going on out there..

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