Bad Blogger

It’s been a whirlwind of a month (or more!).  Unfortunately, it has also taken a toll on this blog.  The intent was to try and keep it updated as much as possible but work got really busy (was working 12 hour days) and then I finally got to come home on some R&R.  It has been great to be home but time has flown by, it seems like I only arrived a week ago and yet it is almost time to head back to Kabul.

Secret Sister Swap

I had joined Carla’s secret sister swap but have yet to actually post what I received and from whom.  Well, without further ado, I wanted to thank Joanna (That Thing I Made blog) for the lovely package.  I really didn’t expect the parcel to be sent to Afghanistan, I thought I would get to see it when I got home so you can imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I got her parcel.

  I got a couple of great books (on gardening/canning), some fabric squares (love Seuss!), a Quilting magazine, some Purdy’s chocolates (which were awesome and I am not embarrassed to say that I didn’t share at all!!), a handcrafted bird and a photo/print of a bike in the snow (very cool!).  Joanna’s husband crocheted a scarf and I thought it was totally cool, one of my favourite items – for sure.  The shortbread egg did not make the trip very well.  Unfortunately it takes mail forever to get there so baked goods don’t do well during the summer months.  Thanks again Joanna!  I really liked my stuff 🙂

Puppies and Dogs

So, we picked up our new addition a few weeks ago and he is so precious!  Gala and his are getting along well although she is insecure so she tries to steal all the attention from him.  If you try to pet Findlay, she will shove him out of the way.  He is pretty laid back, for the most part and so he lets her get away with it now but we always tell her that he *will* get bigger lol and then she better be careful 😉

Rest & Relaxation

My time at home is almost at an end, time rally flies.  Not that I have done much since being home.  Mostly helping out around the house, getting errands done (vaccinate the dog, bring the van to the garage, kids doctor appointments etc…) and enjoying the time spent with my family.  Luckily the weather is great, or has been these past few days.  Another positive thing about this R&R is that I was on a late one so when I get back to Kabul, there will be less than 2 months before I am home again.  The plan is to head to Newfoundland for a solid 3 weeks of kicking back and enjoying the slow pace.  Ryan *loves* Newfoundland and spends his days outdoors (which we love), the dogs will have acres to run around loose and plenty of rivers and creeks to explore.  We are also hauling a few second-hand ATVs that we picked up so I am sure Mark will be teaching Ryan how to (safely) drive one.  I think I need a crash course too 😉

Well, I should get back to it.  Here is a picture taken of me shortly before I flew home, it was taken outside of the city.

And one final cool picture before I go.  Tank graveyard, leftovers from the Russian occupation.  Looking down into the barrel.  And, it looks like two eyes and a nose….. 😉



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